Łódź EXPO 2022 Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów Portal UMŁ

The Republic of Poland is a candidate for organization of the International EXPO 2022 in Łódź on the theme of revitalization of cities - a global challenge and condition for further development of agglomerations around the world.

City Re:Invented is the main theme (leading slogan) adopted for EXPO 2022.

  • “Re:" represents the essence of renewal, the transformation process, is a symbol of the city's lifecycle.
  • "Re:" is the answer to human needs and natural social and community behaviours as well as the ongoing processes in urban space.
  • "Re:" is also a symbol of modern communication using contemporary technology

"Invented" shows the premise of modern revitalization and creative invention

The motto: City Re:Invented has several layers of meaning:

  • the slogan is universal, global, and understood by the inhabitants of all cities around the world in the context of their own problems or processes of change occurring in their cities,
  • so that every visitor to the Exhibition has a sense of community and belonging,
  • crossing the gates of the Exhibition the visitor also brings a piece of oneself and one’s own city to the community,
  • it highlights the diversity that is inherent in the development of cities and their characteristics - my - your - our city builds a sense of pride of the inhabitants of their own cities