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The Republic of Poland is a candidate for organization of the International EXPO 2022 in Łódź on the theme of revitalization of cities - a global challenge and condition for further development of agglomerations around the world.

Łódź has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years. Comparing to 1990s it is a totally different city today. It is easily accessible from most of the European countries by plane, train or car and it offers a wide variety of attractions, some of which are listed below. Keep in mind that Łódź is only one hour away from the capital of Poland.

The places you must visit:

Piotrkowska – restored tenement houses, restaurants and clubs – life in Łódź begins and ends at Piotrkowska Street. It is especially recommended to visit OFF Piotrkowska (Piotrkowska 138/140) and see how private investment changed the old cotton spinning plant of Franciszek Ramisch. The place hosts numerous artistic workshops, architectural offices and design studios, but also offers great food and entertainment during concerts and weekend parties.

 Księży Młyn – consisting of famuły – an old residential area for workers’ families being currently revitalized. It’s a peaceful and quiet place built of beautiful red bricks. It is hard to believe that these are municipal premises as the place is full of artistic workshops and cafés. This great example of revitalization will really awake your imagination.

EC 1 Łódź – you can visit the Planetarium and the National Centre for Film Culture. Important events are held here, i.a. “Transatlantyk” film festival and the festival of creators of games Promise Land. Centre for Science, a fantastic space ready to host major technological events, will be opened here in December 2017. Before visiting the place it is worth looking at photographs showing it before the process of revitalization was initiated.

Manufactory – an old factory of Izrael Poznański is one of the biggest shopping and entertainment centers, where you can go to the cinema, the theatre or try yourself at the climbing center. The place also holds the ms2 Museum of Art and the Andel’s hotel offering a large conference center and a swimming pool built in the place of historic, cast-iron firefighting tank, offering an enormous view on Łódź.

Museum of Art in Łódź – one of the oldes European museums of avantgarde art presents the famous Neoplasticism Room of Władysław Strzemiński (also known from the film “Powidoki” by Andrzej Wajda) with sculptures of Katarzyna Kobro. The Museum has three branches – the youngest ms2 was opened in 2008 at the Manufaktura complex. The biggest international Collection of Art of the 20th and 21st Century in Poland can be seen here. It includes works of Fernand Leger, Max Ernst, Hans Arp, Alina Szapocznikow and Mirosław Bałka. The restored Herbst Palace presents the house of the factory-owners Herbst family. The restoration of the house was possible after years of searching, coming across old photographs and performing excavation works at the site.


Grohman’s Factory in Łódź – property of the old factory’s owner holds the offices of the Łódź Special Economic Zone.

Places worth visiting
Pasaż Róży – a mirror yard at Piotrkowska 3, where Joanna Rajkowska applied pieces of mirrors of irregular shape on the building’s facade. Reflections of the environment make the place light and surreal. The artist referred to the phenomenon of sight and the sickness of her daughter – Róża.


Venues for creative people – dozens of representatives of the creative sector have their offices in the center of Łódź. Among others there are the following: Bardzo Rozsądnie – a shop with Polish design goods, Cat Cat - where you can buy classic, breathtaking dresses, Nubee – a workshop famous for unique clothes and leather buckles and also Showroom 87 – a gallery surprising its visitors with antique pieces of art, collection items and works of young artists.

„Piotrkowska Centrum” tram stop
– Łódź strives to be a creative city and therefore it surprises with ideas. Travelling around the city you will surely come across a colorful tram stop which the locals call “Stable of Unicorns”. Such a big and such a colorful stop can be seen nowhere else.


Murals – there are around one thousand of them in Łódź and they include those created by the most important street artists in the world. The most famous ones are the 900 m2 large boat (at Piotrkowska 152) and the one at Morcinka 2 and Morcinka 4 – a mural comprising of two mirror-image parts presenting architectural and abstract forms . The latter used to be the biggest mural in the world. One of the most expressive of these forms of art is the portrait of Artur Rubinstein (at the corner of Sienkiewicza and Traugutta) while the oldest one in Łódź presents the advertisement of the Foton enterprise and it dates back to 1960s (Zgierska 40)

“Z krzesłem” – a part of Balansujące Kędziory series. A sculpture of an acrobat trying to keep his balance on a high wire hanging between buildings and over woonerf, which is a street with limited traffic, where the traditional division for the part for cars and the part for pedestrians does not exist (Piramowicza 11/13)

Where to have fun?

Łódź is a city of events and parties. The best known clubs include: Wytwórnia, Scenografia, Antrakt and Klub DOM, which constitutes the central part of the alternative OFF Piotrkowska are in Łódź. If you want to feel the history of Łódź there is no better place than Klub Siódemki. Among its guests there were Roman Polański, who studied at the Film School, Michał Urbaniak, Urszula Dudziak and Tomasz Stańko, who all performed there. The full list of clubs and pubs is available at:



When to come?

Best time to visit Łódź is the time of a festival. As a city of creative industries Łódź organizes dozens of events each year, ranging from the unique festival of light, through meetings of comic books, games and technology fans, to music festivals.

You won’t regret coming for autumn Łódź Design Festival, Light Move Festival, International Festival of Comics and Games or International Festival of Music Producers Soundedit


Spring is the time of International Ballet Festival and International Festival of Pleasant and Unpleasant Art. In the summer time there are the Summer Jazz Academy, Geyer Music Factory, Polówka, Songwriter Festival, Festival of Colors and much more.

What to eat?

Łódź is a city of four cultures. Before the World War Two Jewes, Russians, Poles and Germans all lived here together, Therefore you should visit Analogia – a restaurant where each room refers to different culture. Jewish music will accompany a great meal in Anatewka, in German Tyrol of Russian SerVanka. Apart from them there are dozens of restaurants with cuisines of the world.