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The Republic of Poland is a candidate for organization of the International EXPO 2022 in Łódź on the theme of revitalization of cities - a global challenge and condition for further development of agglomerations around the world.

Local Program Council

Local Program Council has been supporting Poland’s efforts in gaining the rights to organize International EXPO 2022 in Łódź. The council has seated experts from miscellaneous fields, personalities of Polish and Łódź’s cultural and public life.

Local Program Council provided expertise and advice on matters connected to claiming rights to organize EXPO in Łódź in 2022.

We would like to say thank you for your time and commitment.


Composition of Local Program Council for EXPO 2022 in Łódź:

Andrzej Walczak

Chairman of the Board

Entrepreneur, co-founder and co-owner of the ATLAS Group, creator and owner of Atlas Sztuki, Initiator of the project of construction of the New Centre of Łódź.

Privately - art lover, especially of painting and photography.


Elżbieta Kryńska

I Vice-President of the Board

Professor Doctor Habilitated of Economics, Head of Chair of Economic Policy Faculty of University of Łódź. Specialist in labour market and economic policy.

Author of more than 140 scientific articles and monographs, as well as expert papers, among others, for the European Commission, the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, and the National Bank of Poland.


Jerzy Czubak

President of Amcor Tobacco Packaging.

Graduate of cultural studies at the University of Łódź, animator and patron of Łódź culture.


Krzysztof Dudek

Since mid-2016 the director of the Teatr Nowy in Łódź.

For several years he was the director of the National Centre of Culture.

An initiator of many historical and cultural social activities.


Piotr Dzięcioł

Film producer, since 1991 president of the Opus Film studio, which created the Oscar-winning film "Ida".

Member of the Polish Academy of Film and European Film Academy.


Robert Gliński

Film and theatre director, screenwriter, Professor Doctor Habilitated of film art.

In 2008-2012 the Rector of the The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź.

In the years 2011-2014 the director of the Teatr Powszechny Theater in Warsaw. Member of the Polish Academy of Film.


Bogusław Grabowski

Economist, businessman, former Łódź governor, former member of the Monetary Policy Council.

In 2004 he became the President of the Management Board of PTE Skarbiec-Emerytura SA, and in 2006 he was the President of the Management Board of Skarbiec AMH SA. He served as a member of the Prime Minister Economic Advisory Board.


Tadeusz Markowski

Professor Doctor Habilitated, Head of the Chair of City and Regional Management at the Faculty of Management at the University of Łódź.

For many years he was the president of the Society of Polish Urban Planners and is currently Chairman of the TUP Board. Specialist in urban development.


Paweł Potoroczyn

Former director of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Polish manager of culture, journalist, publicist, entrepreneur, diplomat.

He worked at the General Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles as a Consul for Culture. He conducted activities to support awarding an honorary Oscar to Andrzej Wajda. In 2000, he assumed the position of director of the Institute of Polish Culture in New York, and five years later, in London.


Michał Seweryński

Professor Doctor Habilitated at the Department of European and Collective Labour Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Łódź.

In the field of public affairs he was the chairman of the Government Codification Commission of Labour Law, member of the Legislative Council of the Prime Minister of Poland, and Honorary Consul of France in Łódź.
Between 2005 and 2007 he was Minister of National Education and Science, and Minister of Science and Higher Education. Currently the professor is the Senator of the Republic of Poland.