Łódź EXPO 2022 Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów Portal UMŁ

The Republic of Poland is a candidate for organization of the International EXPO 2022 in Łódź on the theme of revitalization of cities - a global challenge and condition for further development of agglomerations around the world.

Łódź is a city of extraordinary history. Equally spectacular as the pace of development that this city experienced was in the nineteenth and twentieth century was the one of Chicago. We are so often on the run, we do not even wonder where we are from or what the walls we pass have witnessed. But perhaps it is worth it, because in the end, which modern cities in the world could be called "the Promised Land" as it was in the case of Łódź some time ago?

3800 town houses, 27 palaces, 200 factories and dozens of villas are just some part of the incredible heritage that has left us after the boom of the industrial city. Metropolitan Zone, which has been preserved in Łódź, is the largest and best shaped from all Polish cities.



The difficult history combined with a lack of concern for the Łódź legacy made its inhabitants lose faith in their city, stopped seeing its beauty, and the pride of their origin in many cases was replaced by shame.

Today the city is reviving. Much thanks to the individuals who looked up to the beautiful details of the façades of the tenement houses, to this amazing monument of our history, which is the post-industrial Łódź architecture and believed that Łódź could be great again. We are now witnessing a historic transformation, of which a growing number of people are now aware of. It is not easy to realize its true scale - the Łódź reality is changing entirely. It is important, however, that this is happening to the inhabitants, with their participation and with respect for history. More and more inhabitants of Łódź will be able to see the beauty of their city again in a few months, so that in a few years they will find themselves in a lively new "old Łódź”, whose inhabitants will be proud of.