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The Republic of Poland is a candidate for organization of the International EXPO 2022 in Łódź on the theme of revitalization of cities - a global challenge and condition for further development of agglomerations around the world.


Łódź keeps on fighting for Expo. Three candidates have reached the next stage of the competition.

Three countries and three cities are going to fight for organising International EXPO 2022/2023. These cities are Łódź, Buenos Aires and Minneapolis.

Three countries and three cities are going to fight for organising International EXPO 2022/2023. These cities are Łódź, Buenos Aires and Minneapolis.

USA joined the fight for International EXPO 2022/2023 in a last-ditch effort after the vote in BIE that took place on Tuesday. Today (14th of June) in the seat of BIE in Paris all the three countries had an opportunity to present their candidacies.

The first presentation was carried out by Minnesota, which started with a slogan: "Healthy people. Healthy planet." The capital of this state focuses on promotion of health for everyone at every age and promotion of healthy lifestyle. And EXPO is an excellent instrument for doing that.

The second city presenting itself was Buenos Aires. The idea of Argentinians for the EXPO was based on modern technologies and solving the global problems by means of advanced technologies. Buenos Aires wants to focus on the world's digital future.

And finally, there appeared the presentation of Poland and Łódź, that is, the idea of transforming cities through revitalisation. "A city's strength comes from the strength of its inhabitants," argued Hanna Zdanowska, president of Łódź, during the presentation. "The inhabitants of Łódź decided to give their home a serious renovation. The enthusiasm of people living in Łódź is appreciated by the investors who create new jobs and the city, which benefits now from excellent transit, has stopped losing citizens. Łódź is regaining its soul and the whole city goes through a thorough transformation. It is not about an ordinary renovation or building things from the scratch. We are too proud of our heritage to let it vanish. That is why we transform the old realms of industry into offices, entertainment centres or cultural institutions. We are preparing for the challenges of the future while caring for our urban roots.”

Paweł Lewandowski, vice minister of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, added that Poland has accepted the challenge. "The profound revitalisation processes and returning cities their souls is no more a sphere of dreams and plans but everyday reality in Poland. We are now putting our experience acquired during the transformation period and all the lessons we learned during these three decades to practice close to the ordinary people and their homes. It is a tremendous challenge to restore the identity of places and outrun the world leaders while still listening to every voice and suggestion of inhabitants, to combine the urban and national development strategies with social challenges, to combine infrastructural changes with the needs of all the social groups and to revitalise. This is the experience we want to share."

The decision on who is going to organise the next EXPO will be made by the delegates of Bureau International des Expositions in November this year.