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The Republic of Poland is a candidate for organization of the International EXPO 2022 in Łódź on the theme of revitalization of cities - a global challenge and condition for further development of agglomerations around the world.


Łódź will certainly have its small metro in 4 years.

The most attractive offer for building the city tunnel connecting Łódź Fabryczna and Łódź Kaliska has been chosen. The tunnel will be ready in 2022.

The city tunnel running under the city is to connect the underground Łódź Fabryczna  with Łódź Kaliska and Łódź Żabieniec stations. Two additional stations will be built along the tunnel: Łódź Centrum and Łódź Manufaktura.

The seven kilometers long tunnel will go through the corner of Zachodnia St. and Zielona St., towards Manufaktura and further on to Włókniarzy Av. – said Marcin Dyguda from the Municipal Investment Office. – Trains will emerge on the surface in four places at Włókniarzy Av. and they will reach the stations of Łódź Kaliska and Łódź Żabieniec – said Dyguda.

The investment is to be finished before 2022. The tunnel will not only improve the long-distance railway traffic but it will also enhance the agglomeration railway. It will create a metro-like system that will take people around Łódź effortlessly. The investment cost equals to PLN 1.59 bn and the works will begin in spring of 2018.  The tender was won by Energopol Szczecin and the syndicate of Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Dróg i Mostów from Mińsk Mazowiecki. The investment will be fully executed by PKP PLK without any financial participation of the city. The tunnel will make it faster for the trains to go through Łódź and it will provide transport to major locations.